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Being Human

We are human because we are not animal, nor machine. But such thinking has been rendered progressively less tenable by the advent of evolutionary and neo-evolutionary theories which postulate a continuum in nature between animals and Man.


You can't take score about when it's coming or where it's coming, or how it's coming. In other words, you accept, in this faith-based attitude, it is coming and all is well. And as you do that, ahh.

You Get What You Ask For.

When the mainstream of your thoughts is negative, let’s say for 85 %, than the outcome will be negative for 85%. Your thoughts fall into your subconscious mind, which executes exactly what you put in it. It is like the earth. It is like a computer.

The Seventh Abundance

For the truth of the matter is that, while God did not create money, (it’s purely a human concept), He did create a thought-based Universe. There are no limits to your thoughts. You can have as many as you want. You can make them as grand as you want. Your thoughts literally travel around the Universe and even, say some, through all time.

How Much of the Bible is Literally True?

Biblical people tried, as best they could, to put that experience into words, just as I tried to tell the story of my own spiritual transformation in my book, How the Bible became the Bible (Chapter 9). Trying to tell that story, I learned that it is very difficult to verbalize or communicate deeply personal spiritual transformations. Regardless how I crafted, reshaped, and eventually reworked my verbiage, my soul still felt as if I had missed the mark.

When Souls Meet

This is the key to maturing in soul. "Insight" means to see from within. The moment you begin to see through your eyes and not just with them makes you a visionary. A "Visionary" follows his or her dreams or inner visions within them

Who Am I?

Who am I? What come to mind when you ask this of yourself? How many different memories, ideas, and things seem like a part of you? What do you identify with? Does this process of identification help you, or just cause suffering?

Meditation Methods

For those of you who cannot sit still, Yoga meditation may be what you are looking for. This is because aside from being an exercise designed to improve your flexibility, it can also provide relief for pain and gives the person a feeling of pleasure.